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Why choose us

Instead of giving you one reason why you should head to us every time you need a payday loan, we actually found the top 10 reasons why to chose us for payday loans:

  1. Loans at the Speed of the Internet

The entire process, from applying for a loan to getting approved to signing a loan agreement to repaying the loan takes place online, in the digital world. This means that we can get you a loan at the speed of the internet, which is about 15 minutes.

  1. Have Money by Wire Transfer

We know that you need your payday loan money right away. Once you sign a loan agreement, the cash is instantly transferred to your account. The money will appear in your bank account in as little as two hours, with very few people having to wait more than one business day for the cash.

  1. The Perfect Number

When you apply for a payday loan, you can ask for any amount between $100 and $1000. This way you can get the perfect amount of cash that you need to deal with your emergency, and not get stuck with a loan for a huge amount that you can’t deal with.

  1. Use the Money for Anything

Whether you are facing a sick family member, an urgent car or appliance repair, or just want to get a few extra pounds so that you can take your lady out to a nice dinner for her birthday, you can use the loan money for anything you want. We don’t care what you want the money for, and we won’t violate your privacy by asking.

  1. We Actually Want to Help

We are not a lender, so we don’t benefit from our lenders charging high fees and incredibly high rates. We make sure that the rates and fees our lending partners offer are fair so that you can feel comfortable coming to us, and because when loans are repaid on time, everyone wins. Our dedication to helping you comes out in our no-cost service, our friendly customer support, and our simple and safe website.

  1. Enormous Lending Network

The amount of payday lenders we contract with and who make up our lending network count into the hundreds. This means that you will truly end up with the best lender for your situation, and the lowest possible loan that’s out there.

  1. Fix your Credit Rating

If you’ve had debt problems in the past, you may think that you’ll never be able to get your credit right again. But credit ratings aren’t factored into payday loan decisions, and if you get a payday loan, it will actually help to improve your credit rating and show lenders that you can be trusted. As long as you repay it on time.

  1. Privacy is our Policy

Our website and database is protected by the same level of 2048-bit SSL cyber-encryption technology which protects major banks and government websites. Your information will remain safe and secure, and no one will know about your loan other than you and us.

  1. Our Lenders Treat you Right

We want to help people when they are in times of trouble, not use that fact to our advantage. You won’t find hidden fees or deceptive practices in our lenders like you will with other payday loan providers. We want you to get back on your feet and feel happy and comfortable coming to us with your lending needs. If you can’t afford a loan, you won’t be offered one. We want our lenders to be happy because every customer pays their loan back on time, and we want our customers to be happy because they can always get a payday loan.

  1. 100% Risk-free and Zero Cost!

As a borrower who wants a payday loan, you will never pay us a single penny to use any of the services at our website. We want you to get help without burdening you with more fees and charges. Apply today, for free!

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